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Carme-Webfrontend Container

Create the Singularity Container

In order to create the singularity container containing the webfrontend you need

At least for some singularity versions you will run into the problem that you cannot install all needed python packages via the recipe-file. Therefore, and until further notice, the creation procedure is as follows (you need to be root)

  1. create a sandbox image using the recipe-file
    # singularity build --sandbox carme-frontend-sandbox recipe--carme-frontend.recipe


    # singularity build --sandbox carme-frontend-sandbox recipe--carme-frontend--debian.recipe
  2. enter the sandbox
    # singularity shell --writable carme-frontend-sandbox

    and install the needed python packages

    # pip3 install django
    # pip3 install django-auth-ldap django-auth-ldap django-bootstrap-themes django-chartjs django-classy-tags django-db-logger django-filter django-js-asset django-logtailer django-maintenance-mode django-material django-material django-mptt django-nyt django-sekizai django-settings-export django-todo django-viewflow django-viewflow mysqlclient numpy rpyc whitenoise wiki

    Note that you have to make sure that the version of “rpyc” in this image and the one installed on the headnode for the Carme-Backend is the same! Otherwise it will not work.

  3. create the compressed singularity image from the sandbox and delete the sandbox
    # singularity build carme-frontend.simg carme-frontend-sandbox
    # rm -r carme-frontend-sandbox
  4. copy the singularity image to you login-node e.g.
    # scp carme-frontend.simg login-node:/opt/Carme-Frontend-Container

Adjust the Config Files

In order to start and run the web-frontend you have to make sure that /opt/Carme/Carme-Frontend is mounted from your headnode on the login node!

To start the web-frontend we have to adjust the needed config files in /opt/Carme/Carme-Frontend/Carme-Server-Conf.

The first file we need is a valid hosts file. Therefore we can use the provided “blanco” file

# cd /opt/Carme/Carme-Frontend/Carme-Server-Conf
# cp hosts_blanco hosts

In this hostfile we have to write the internal IP address and hostname of the login node.

Next we have to adjust the apache config files in /opt/Carme/Carme-Frontend/Carme-Server-Conf/apache2

# cd /opt/Carme/Carme-Frontend/Carme-Server-Conf/apache2
# cp 002-gpu.conf
# cp apache2.conf
# cp ports.conf

Now have to do the following modifications

  1. 002-gpu.conf
    • line 1: the port of the virtual host
    • line 2: (the name you defined in CarmeConfig as CARME_URL)
    • line 7:
    • line 8:
  2. apache2.conf
    • line 236: HOSTNAME (login node)
  3. ports.conf
    • line 5: the port the web-frontend is supposed to run