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Documentation Project for Carme

Carme-Webfrontend Container

Create the Proxy Container

In order to create the singularity container containing the webfrontend you need

  1. create a singularity image using the recipe-file
    # singularity build carme-proxy.simg recipe--carme-proxy--debian.recipe
  2. copy the singularity image to you login node e.g.
    # scp carme-proxy.simg login-node:/opt/Carme-Proxy-Container

Adjust the Config Files

In order to start and run the proxy (traefik) you have to make sure that /opt/Carme/Carme-Proxy is mounted from your headnode on the login node!

To start the proxy we have to adjust the needed config files in /opt/Carme/arme-Proxy/traefik-conf

# cd /opt/Carme/arme-Proxy/traefik-conf
# cp traefik.toml && chmod 600 traefik.toml
# cp static.toml && chmod 600 static.toml

and modify them according to your needs.

Make sure that the certificates for the web sides stored in /opt/Carme/Carme-Proxy/SSL!

The last thing to do is to change the file rights

# chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/Carme/Carme-Proxy/traefik-conf
# chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/Carme/Carme-Proxy/SSL